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Mick Fanning Cloudbreak

Different types of surf breaks – a beginner’s guide to surfing waves

Ever heard the term ‘surf breaks’ and not really sure what it meant? Don’t know your peelers from your close-outs? Or even why it’s important? As a beginner or novice, it’s hard… Read more

Why a Surf Lesson Could Save Your Life

The number of surfers, swimmers and bodyboarders who get into difficulty in the sea increases every year, and it’s often down to lack of knowledge about the beach and conditions. Surf lessons… Read more
Rip Currents and Surfing

Rip Currents – What you need to know!

Rip currents affect all surfers and beginners who surf beach breaks. Getting caught in one can be a terrifying and potentially fatal experience, but with the right knowledge you can easily learn… Read more