Help & FAQs

So, you think surfing looks cool and want to give it a go. Not sure what to expect from your first lesson, or what you need to bring? You’re bound to have a few questions like these so here’s everything you need to know about surf lessons.

What age can you start lessons?

For group lessons, the minimum is generally 7-8 years old. Anyone under the age of 16 (or 18 for some surf schools) will need permission from an adult. There is no upper age limit. People in their 70s and 80s have tried surfing for the first time so you are never too old to learn!

Do I have to be a strong swimmer?

Surfing is a physically demanding sport and we generally advise that you must be able to swim 25 metres.

I have a medical condition – can I still have a surf lesson?

You will need to make the instructor aware prior to the start of the lesson. If you have any health concerns, speak to the surf school before you book.

I’ve never surfed before, how many lessons will I need?

This depends on you, what you want to achieve, your time and budget. For beginners we normally suggest 2-3 lessons to start with. If you are looking to progress more quickly and continue surfing, then a course of 5-6 lessons will usually get you to a level where you can head out without an instructor to practise your skills.

What will I learn?

The lesson is usually around 2 hours. You will start on the beach with a warm up, brief on beach safety and getting to know the equipment. Then you will learn how to catch a wave and how to get to your feet on the surfboard. Importantly, you will develop your confidence and have heaps of fun!

What is included in the lesson price?

Everything you need to get started; coaching and equipment hire (surfboard, wetsuit and rash vest). During the cooler months, you will get the extras included to keep you warmer – hood, boots and gloves.

What do I need to bring with me?

A towel, sunblock (in the summer), some warm clothes to change into afterwards (particularly during the cooler months) and plenty of enthusiasm!

Can I use my own equipment?

You are welcome to bring your own wetsuits and surfboard, as long as it is suitable for your level of surfing. Our surf schools generally use soft boards which are perfect for catching lots of waves!

Can I keep the kit after the surf lesson has finished?

After your surf lesson, you will need to return the equipment. However, if you want to practice in your own time, you will find of plenty of surf hire shops around to rent a board and wetsuit.

I have already had a beginners lesson – what next?

If you have learnt how to stand up and catch waves in the white water, you will probably want to progress to riding unbroken ‘green’ waves and learn how to turn the board. This is where improvers lessons will help. You can also book these with our surf schools.

I have been surfing for a while and don’t want a group lesson. What else can you offer?

Many surf schools also offer private lessons where you will benefit from one-to-one coaching with an instructor. This is ideal if you want help with a particular aspect of surfing and want to progress your skills.

Would my lesson ever be cancelled?

This may happen if the conditions are either too dangerous on the day, or there is not enough surf to learn. If the lesson is cancelled the surf school will try to reschedule them for another convenient time.

Are the surf coaches qualified?

The governing body for surf instructor qualification in the UK is Surfing GB. Not all surf schools are accredited. You can check the ones that are by looking for the Surfing GB logo at the bottom of their profile. Click here for more information about Surfing GB

Do I need to book my lesson in advance?

It is recommended. It helps to organise the right number of instructors to students and guarantees you a space at the time you want. The surf schools get very busy during the summer so booking is essential during that time.

I’m sold! How do I book my lesson?

Simply go to our home page and find a surf school by beach, town or postcode. Once you have found a suitable school, click on their details and follow the ‘book surf lessons’ link. From there, you can choose the option that best suits your needs.

Happy surfing!