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How yoga can improve your surfing

You’ll be amazed at how yoga can improve your surfing

Gerry Lopez swears by it. So does Kelly Slater and Dave Rastovich. In fact, these surfers attribute the ancient practise of yoga to improving and in some cases, ‘saving’ their surfing. It… Read more
Mick Fanning Cloudbreak

Different types of surf breaks – a beginner’s guide to surfing waves

Ever heard the term ‘surf breaks’ and not really sure what it meant? Don’t know your peelers from your close-outs? Or even why it’s important? As a beginner or novice, it’s hard… Read more
Common mistakes made by beginner surfers

Common mistakes made by beginner surfers

Surfing. Nothing looks as effortless as gliding along the waves on a warm sunny day. It can’t be that hard….surely? Just grab a board, get in the sea, paddle around a bit… Read more
How to start surfing

How to start surfing – taking that first step

Spring has finally arrived! With warm sunny days and lighter evenings on the horizon, it’s the perfect time to get out there and try something new. Like surfing. It’s one of those… Read more
How to escape the whitewater

How to escape the whitewater and catch unbroken waves

We all reach that point with surfing where we get a bit stuck and frustrated. One of the most common stages, particularly as a beginner, is when you want to break free… Read more
How to survive a hold down

How to survive a hold down

Luckily in the UK, we don't get monster waves like Jaws that’ll keep you underwater for minutes at a time. But if you're a regular in overhead waves, or making that transition… Read more

6 exercise hacks to improve your surf fitness

If getting surf fit is one of your goals for this year, but you struggle with time, motivation or money for a gym membership, you’ll need a different approach. Sitting on the… Read more
Improve your surfing paddle power

Improve your paddling even when you’re not surfing

Getting that noodle arm feeling a bit too often? It’s a definite sign that you need to build strength and endurance in your upper body. Improved paddle power means less time spent… Read more
Motivate yourself to surf by surfing with a friend

8 ways to motivate yourself to go surfing

Every surfer struggles with motivation and there’s always an excuse not to surf - it’s too cold, we’re too busy, or the waves aren’t good enough. But once we get off our… Read more
Surf pop-up

5 ways to improve your surf pop-up

The pop-up is something that many surfers struggle with, especially beginners. If you’re fumbling to get your feet via your knees and getting frustrated, then look no further than our 5 handy… Read more
Surfer girl

8 ways to get better at surfing

Surfing can be tricky to master with constantly changing variables so progress is often slow. If you’re getting frustrated, don’t give up! Here’s our 8 simple hacks to improve your surfing and get… Read more

Why a Surf Lesson Could Save Your Life

The number of surfers, swimmers and bodyboarders who get into difficulty in the sea increases every year, and it’s often down to lack of knowledge about the beach and conditions. Surf lessons… Read more
Rip Currents and Surfing

Rip Currents – What you need to know!

Rip currents affect all surfers and beginners who surf beach breaks. Getting caught in one can be a terrifying and potentially fatal experience, but with the right knowledge you can easily learn… Read more
Surfing Fitness

5 Ways to Improve Your Surfing Fitness

Surfing is a physically demanding activity which many people underestimate and requires a good all round level of fitness. You need a combination of upper body strength, a strong core, good balance,… Read more
The Unwritten Rules of Surfing

The Unwritten Rules of Surfing

Surfing is a really unique sport. Unlike sports such as football, tennis or hockey, there are no set rules. You are free to enjoy surfing without ever entering a contest - in… Read more