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The birthplace of British surfing in the 60s thanks to a group of Aussie lifeguards. Today Cornwall is the epicentre of the UK surf scene with more beaches, surf shops and surf schools than anywhere else in the country.

With miles of rugged coast, cliffs and coves, Cornwall has the most consistent surf in the UK – the Atlantic ocean providing some of the best conditions in Europe. It also has the mildest air and sea temperature in the country making it a surfers paradise.

The north coast is more exposed to the Atlantic swells so it’s more consistent than the south Cornwall coast. It’s home to the famous Fistral beach in Newquay, where the annual Boardmasters surf competition and music festival takes place, and Cornwall’s big wave surf spot ‘The Cribbar.’ There’s also plenty of surf schools in the Newquay area alone.

The south coast can still pack a punch but needs bigger swells to work well. It’s the place to head for when shelter is needed, or if its too big on the north coast. It’s also where you will find Porthleven – one of the best waves in the UK (but not for beginners!).