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The surf here often reflects its famed countryside – flat. Surrounded by the North Sea, the best swells slow down before reaching East Anglia, yet the east coast can often be pumping when the south west is like a millpond. It’s a case of being in the right place at the right time and a tide book is a must, as most of the breaks work best at around two-three hours either side of high tide.

The sea temperature here is much colder and the waves less consistent, yet there are some good breaks to be found for those who are prepared to venture away from the more popular south west. The East coast has become a mecca for the more die-hard surfer.

People have surfed here since the 70’s and it has a friendly and welcoming vibe. The most popular and best breaks are at East Runton and Cromer which can produce barrells. The area is ok for beginners with a surf school at Cromer.

Swells and currents on this stretch of coast disturb the seabed, which means sandbanks that produce a break are often only temporary. Be aware that the quality of the breaks change frequently.