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Despite the cooler climate and need for a winter wetsuit even in the summer (especially if you’re not used to cold water!), Scotland is one of Europe’s top surfing destinations. Surrounded by the Atlantic and North Sea, it picks up swells throughout the year and is home to beautiful scenery, clear water, and fast, powerful reef and beach breaks. Thanks to its many isolated locations, you may even have the waves to yourself.

The north coast and islands provides the most consistent and best quality waves. Its home to the town of Thurso, a world class surf spot which can produce overhead waves and barrels and is best left to experienced surfers. Thurso hosts the Scottish Surf Championships and the Thurso Surf Festival, and was the spot where British surfer Nigel Semmens took the European Championship in 1981.

The east coast also has a number of good breaks including Coldingham Bay and Dunbar (for beginners) and Pease Bay which is just a short trip from Edinburgh.

Despite the lengthy journey for most surfers, it’s an experience not to be missed.