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Surfing Beaches on the South Coast 0

Spanning Dorset in the west to Kent in the east, surfing on the south coast is colder and a lot less consistent than in the south west. It’s also often very small, can be very crowded and you have to be prepared to play the waiting game.

But there are some gems if you watch the surf reports like a hawk. When the conditions are right Kimmeridge, which more picks up more swell than anywhere else in the area, produces a wave to rival any in Devon and Cornwall. The Isle of Wight is also pretty consistent, and Bournemouth and Boscombe are ok for beginners – you will find a couple of surf schools here to help get you started.

The south coast is also popular with landlocked London surfers, with easy access to popular spots like West Wittering and Brighton – a hot spot of the south coast surf scene where you will find surf schools, surf themed bars, eateries and surf shops.

And if it all goes flat, it’s relatively accessible to the south west, or even a ferry journey away from France.